Balanced Energy - A Team Effort

Balanced Energy - A Team Effort

At Balanced Energy, our #1 Asset is the Team Members with boots on the ground in the field. They represent the most technically proficient and goal oriented people in the industry.

Tailoring skill sets to job requirements provides performance advantages for our client and reduces their cost while improving results. Coaching our team throughout their tenure and encouraging them as they move through our development and competency program goes a long way to fostering the team dynamic that has propelled Balanced Energy forward since our inception in 2006.

Meet our Senior Management...

Director, President: Neil Schmeichel

Neil Schmeichel has served as President and General Manager of the Company since its inception. Neil is a founding partner of Balanced Energy, and has over 20 years of oilfield experience in coil tubing, wireline, production optimization and well site supervision.

Responsible for the company’s business and strategic planning, Neil also guides the company’s safety program development initiatives and assists other senior managers in developing their initiatives.

Neil’s drive, determination and business planning acumen has ensured that the company has always been best positioned to take advantage of opportunities and maintain the Company’s consistent trajectory of growth.


Director, Business Operations: Michelle Thomas

Michelle Thomas is a founding partner of Balanced Energy Oilfield Services Inc. Inspired by previous success as the owner of a reputable snubbing operation, Michelle’s entrepreneurial nature fed a desire to create something even greater.

Overseeing all aspects of the corporation’s business requirements, Michelle is responsible for the accurate and timely delivery of all the critical information that is the life’s blood of a corporation. Her dedication and ability has enabled Balanced Energy to survive and grow even through tough times and contributed immeasurably to the organization’s success.

Michelle epitomizes the personality of the corporation with her dedicated work ethic and a warm, friendly demeanor that endears her to the entire organization. Michelle is a significant role model for successful women in the industry.


Director, Operations Manager: Codie Bellamy

Codie has dedicated his entire career to the coil tubing industry, bringing 21 years of experience to the organization. Since the Company’s inception in 2007 Codie has overseen all aspects of operations and dispatch for the growing Company, in addition to acting as the primary contact for Balanced Energy’s client field managers.

Codie personifies the Balanced Energy philosophy that operational excellence is the key to organizational success, and is tirelessly dedicated to his staff.


Technical Services Manager: Darren Miller

Darren has worked in the coil tubing industry for 17 years and has contributed a wealth of knowledge in his nine years with Balanced Energy. Darren manages the ongoing technical requirements for Balanced Energy’s Deep and High Capacity coil tubing fleet. Additionally, Darren is primarily responsible for designing the equipment package configurations responsible for the rapid deployment that is unique to Balanced Energy.

Darren’s Technical Ability combined with a unique creativity have made substantial contributions to the organization’s success.


Business Development Manager: Adam Alvis

Adam Brings 18 years of industry experience to his role at Balanced Energy. Adam has successfully built the Technical services & marketing team based in Calgary Alberta whose contributions have driven Balanced Energy’s successful launch into the long reach horizontal market.

Highly skilled in HSE and Operational management as well as marketing, Adam has done a masterful job of liaising with other senior BES managers to ensure that the operation continues to grow with a team focus and functions without silo’s.

Adam has a unique skill set that has enabled Balanced Energy to increase the scale of its operation without compromising the grass roots work ethic and character that defined it as a smaller Company.


Meet Our Sales Team:

Technical Specialist: Jesse Mckinnon

Sr. Technical Sales Representative: Ted Zutz

Field Sales Representative: Mike Clement