Safety is an Integral part of Balanced Energy's Oilfield Services Operations.

We are committed to protecting the well-being and the assets of our employees, clients and the public.

We are committed to safeguard the environment, and respect our neighbors.

Balanced Energy Oilfield Services recognizes that legislative standards, training and company policy and procedures must be integrated to provide an effective safety program. Management recognizes that it must provide support and foster a culture where safety and continuous improvement are integrated into our daily routines. 

At Balanced Energy Oilfield Services, everyone is responsible for safety and enforcing the adherence to legislated standards on all work sites by fellow workers and sub-contractors. We provide personal protective equipment and the means to effectively assess hazards and risks associated with the activities that we are engaged in.

Balanced Energy Oilfield Services Inc. takes an integrated approach to ensuring that our operations are conducted to the highest standards of Quality and Safety. 

Extensive engineering and risk controls are incorporated into equipment design standards, data collection and analysis. This provides the basis of stringent quality control standards and work procedures, which are analyzed extensively to deliver consistent reliable results that minimize risk.

We provide investigative means to resolve incidents and empower workers to refuse unsafe work. We believe that by effectively integrating safety into our operations, and holding those who do not comply accountable we can achieve superior operational results. By achieving this we provide an environment which instills a sense of pride for the people who comprise Balanced Energy Oilfield Services Inc.

Balanced Energy conducts its operation concurrent with IRP 21 guidelines for coil tubing operations endorsed by ICOTA. Our Safety programs are developed in keeping with CAPP guidelines. Balanced Energy maintains a Certificate of Recognition issued by the Alberta Safety Council in good standing and subscribes and complies with the audited standards of ISNetworld and Comply Works.