Coil Tubing Services

Balanced Energy provides Coil Tubing Rigs to service all aspects of Oil and Gas Work Over Operations, from cradle to grave.

Our ability to maintain industry leading safety performance, consistently recording the fastest coil tubing rig in times and industry leading down time minimization are just a few of the things that contribute to our value proposition.

Fleet Specifications Overview:

  • Shallow Coil Tubing Rigs

    Quantity 3
    Configuration Tandem / Tridem, Body Job
    Average Rig In Time 1.5 Hours
    Service Depth 31.8mm (1.25”) 4000m | 38.1mm (1.50”) 3500m | 44.5mm (1.75”) 3000m
    Injector Celtic, 40k
    Stripping Head Quick Strip 35 Mpa (5000psi)
    BOP Configuration Dual Combi 3”, 5”, 7” 35 MPA (5000psi)
    Treating Iron Integral 2.0", 100 Mpa (15,000 psi)
    Compressor Hurricane, 660 CFM
    Instrumentation Medco HMI- Real Time
    Data Collection & Tubing Analysis  Medco, Computer Generated
  • Intermediate Coil Tubing Rigs

    Quantity 1
    Configuration Single / Tridem / Body Job   
    Average Rig In Time 2 Hours
    Service Depth 38.1mm (1.50”) 4500m | 44.5mm (1.75”) 4000m | 50.8mm (2.0”) 3000m
    Injector Hydraco, 60k
    Stripping Head NOV, 70 Mpa (10000psi)
    BOP Configuration Quad Combi 3”, 5”, 7” 70 MPA (10000psi)
    Treating Iron Integral 2.0", 100 Mpa (15,000 psi)
    Instrumentation Medco HMI - Real Time
    Data Collection & Tubing Analysis Medco, Computer Generated
  • Deep Coil Tubing Rigs

    Quantity 3
    Configuration Single / Tridem / Tridem Tractor Trailer
    Average Rig In Time 5 Hours
    Service Depth 50.8mm (2”) 4900m/6600m | 60.3mm (2.375”) 3200m/4000m/7000m
    Injector Hydra Rig, 80k | Hydra Rig, 100k
    Stripping Head NOV 70 Mpa (10000 psi)
    BOP Configuration Quad Combi 5” & 7”- 70 MPA (10,000psi) | Quad Combi 5” 100 MPA (15,000psi)
    Treating Iron 2.0” Integral, 100 Mpa (15,000psi) | 3.0” Integral, 100 Mpa
    Instrumentation NOV HMI - Real Time
    Data Collection & Tubing Analysis  NOV - Cerberus and Orion, Computer Generated

Our Services:

  • Coil Tubing Inspection Services

    In addition to real-time data acquisition and fatigue analysis performed on all Balanced Energy coil tubing, 3D 360-degree magnetic resonance imaging inspection in real time is standard Balanced Energy kit for deep hole operators.

    This vital service gives Balanced Energy, and our clients real time data and provides measured confidence in  the integrity of the workover string during these critical operations.

    The Balanced Energy Coil Tubing Inspection Units utilizes solid state Hall Sensors to achieve 100% circumferential coverage for areas of localized wall loss such as erosion, corrosion, inclusions, voids, pinholes and microscopic fatigue or hydrogen induced cracking.  The Clam shell design ensures rapid deployment and the use of magnetic flux leakage and magnetic flux density techniques ensures the resolution and accuracy required to protect our client’s investments.

  • Fluid Rheology Services

    Balanced Energy understands there is more to a successful coil tubing intervention than friction analysis and a hydraulic simulation.

    The Balanced Energy Fluid Rheology team specializes in optimizing workover fluids during milling and cleanout operations in the field, Technicians are trained to manage the chemical composition of circulating fluids, improving the job efficiency by maintaining turbulent flow in the lateral section of the well bore and substantially reducing treating pressures.

    This tested and proven practice dramatically reduces the overall chemical volumes throughout the operation, improves debris and solids removal and reduces or eliminates the requirement for costly wiper trips. Effectively reducing the time required to complete the operation and reducing operator costs substantially.

  • Nitrogen Pumping Services

    Balanced Energy provides Nitrogen pumping services and bulk product transfer equipment to support work over operations, primarily in conjunction with coil tubing operations.

    Balanced Energy employs a flameless “heat recovery” system. This eliminates a need for open burners in the nitrogen pumping process and accommodates close working proximity to wellheads.

  • Crane Services

    Balanced Energy has a specialized fleet of cranes and boom trucks to support coil tubing operations.

    Shallow units come equipped with 18T articulating pickers that provide a very efficient rig in and reduced foot print while conducting operations using <3500m of 25.4mm to 44.5mm coil tubing, on well classes. (I, II and III)

    Intermediate Unit spreads are deployed with 45T cranes when conducting operations using <3000m of 50.8mm coil tubing and <4000m of 44.5mm coil tubing, on all well classes. (I, II and III)

    Deep coil tubing units are paired with 60T or 110T cranes that remove the “critical lift’ component that is common in the coil tubing industry, when preparing and lifting the 80k and 100k injector heads during the rig in, rig out process. These cranes also eliminate the requirement for our customers to have to pay third party crane costs for most conventional operations.

  • Balanced Energy Specialty Services

    Many of today’s horizontal well bores rely on coil tubing to execute fracturing operations to unlock oil and gas deposits in tight shale formations. These horizontal fracturing operations are the engine that drives the North American shale revolution. There are numerous strategies and technologies which are employed to successfully fracture horizontal wells. Balanced Energy has extensive experience and expertise in the application of coil tubing applied to fracturing operations, for example:

    Plug and Port Milling

    Ball Drop Frac Liners are customized and installed into the horizontal section of wells after drilling as a means to target the location of a frac operation. This method commonly employs ceramic balls dropped from the surface and sized to seat into a specific location of the liner to isolate and target the portion of the well that is to be fraced. Balanced Energy is frequently contracted to drill through these frac balls and seats after the frac is completed to prevent them from becoming an impediment to the flow of oil and gas. The operation requires an elevated level of technical proficiency, as the drilling operation is complicated by the presence of residual frac proppant in the well bore that impedes drilling.

    Horizontal Coil Conveyed Fracturing

    Annular Fracing (frac sleeves) - In this method of fracing, a zonal isolation tool is located at the end of a coil tubing string and positioned in the horizontal liner, at the specific interval to be fraced.  This method utilizes sliding sleeves  spaced throughout the liner to provide access to the formation.  The zonal isolation tool is placed in the sleeve, the sleeve is opened, the packer is set, and the frac is pumped down the coil tubing/casing annulus. These steps are repeated for every sleeve, starting from the toe of the well, all the way to the heel, in one coil tubing run.

    Annular Fracing (abrasive jetting) - This method does not require a pre-installed frac sleeve liner system. The zonal isolation tool is placed at the target frac depth, and the formation is accessed by cutting through the steel casing by pumping sand or other abrasives through coil tubing at high velocity to create a perforation in the well bore.  After creating the perforation, the zonal isolation tool is activated and the frac can be placed in the formation by pumping down the coil tubing/casing annulus. These steps are repeated at multiple intervals, starting from the toe of the well, all the way to the heel, in one coil tubing run.

    Well Bore Cleanout

    Balanced Energy routinely provides coil tubing services for cleaning unwanted material such as residual frac sand, wax and scale from well bores to stimulate optimum well bore performance.  Balanced Energy’s experienced technical team can optimize your clean out programming through strategic recommendation of cleanout fluids and design for optimal pump and penetration rates.

    In addition to specialized fracturing services, Balanced Energy has extensive experience and expertise in conventional and non-conventional coil tubing applications such as:

    Fishing and Rod Recovery

    Experienced work over personnel know that despite the best planning, well bore equipment can become stuck or lost down hole.  Balanced Energy has extensive experience in the recovery of lost and stuck tools, production and work over strings, rods and pumps.

    Side Entry Recovery and Stimulation

    Balanced Energy has developed unique tools and effective techniques to perform side entry recovery of production rods and tubulars from wells that have been infiltrated with sand or paraffin and would otherwise require cost prohibitive recovery operations that had limited effectiveness.

    Cement and Acidize

    Whether for remedial and stimulation purposes or complete abandonment programs, Balanced Energy delivers cement and acidizing solutions deployed through coil tubing that are quick and cost-effective alternatives to conventional means.

    Real Time Logging and Perforating

    (Mono Conductor, Multi Conductor and Fiber Optic)

    Balanced Energy has many purpose built data enabled coil tubing strings with mono conductor, multi conductor and fiber optic transmission capability.  This capability unlocks access to previously restricted data by providing a means to deploy all manners of logging and cased hole tools into highly deviated and horizontal well bores.